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We will be celebrating the opening night of Gram Parsons Derry Down with a performance by a musical legend, John McEuen with John Cable also featuring Bart Hanchey. We hope you can join us on December 20th doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 7:30 PM.

The Ken Burns company, Florentine Films, has released Country Music to PBS - Broadcast started Sept. 15, 2019!.

This Documentary (8-part, 2 hours each) mini-series features John McEuen in several episodes in the telling of this history, of which he has been apart. In addition, episode 6, titled Will the Circle Be Unbroken, covers extensively the historic multi-platinum  Will the Circle Be Unbroken album which John initiated with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in 1972. (“…Circle…” is in the Library of Congress and the Grammy Hall of Fame!) John is the main on-screen 'talking head' telling that wonderful story, which closes that segment (series will also rerun this winter). The mini-series uses two cuts from the album as background, lead-in music.

In conjunction with Country Music show, Sony is releasing an extensive 5-cd box set with booklet - 105 songs - to take advantage of the music of the people in the documentary. It will include two cuts from the Circle album and a photo of John with Earl Scruggs... Also, a ‘tabletop book’ on the History of Country Music will be released, which includes 12 photos from the sessions and the story of the “…Circle…”  album.

McEuen also has a song coming out this year on a project with John Carter Cash - McEuen finished a couple of his dad's (Johnny Cash) poems, wrote music for them, and recorded them with John Carter producing.. and now McEuen is a co-writer with Johnny Cash!!.

A founding member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (summer of 1966) –  John McEuen rings banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle AND a special guest – previous NGDB member, John Cable.(Cable was in the band when they became the first American band to tour the Soviet Union in 1977). Multi-instrumentalist McEuen has ventured into varied musical genres, and to different formats including television special production, film scoring, and unusual award-winning albums. Playing a broad spectrum of roots, bluegrass and music now called Americana have made John McEuen an established name in acoustic music. His production of Steve Martin’s The Crow won the Best Bluegrass Album Grammy. 

McEuen says:   "… for this show I will be bringing my ex-Dirt Band band-mate and friend, John Cable.  He is one of the finest singers and guitarists I know, great to play with… we did hundreds of shows together with NGDB, and now share the stage in a more intimate way.” (Cable was in the band when they became the first American group to tour the Soviet Union). “We go through the NGDB hits, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, music and stories, bluegrass - as well as music from my recent Made in Brooklyn album.”

McEuen recently was honored with the “Best Americana” award by the Independent Records organization for “Made In Brooklyn”. With the NGDB he made 35 albums, including the landmark Will the Circle Be Unbroken, initiated by John in 1971 (still a top 40 selling album!).

McEuen’s new book, The Life I’ve Picked, has been said to be one of the best music books out there with all 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Last year he was inducted into the American Banjo Museum Hall of Fame!

If you don’t know John, watch his short documentary/bio with rare historic footage about his lifelong pursuits: John McEuen - a life in music:

What Garth Brooks says on his recent album about John McEuen:

I went to see Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in college at Gallagher Arena. A bunch of guys in the dorm pooled our monies together and threw in an extra buck a piece to pay one of the guys to sleep out for tickets.. we got front row. We were having the time of our lives when during a fiddle solo, John McEuen leaped over the monitors and past the edge of the stage and landed in between John Mathiason and me. McEuen never missed a lick of that solo. THAT MOMENT is forever etched in my soul…